You are using a PWA

#pwa #blog #ux #jekyll

     Some time ago Google started talking about progressive web apps. The idea is simple: making regular web pages more reliable, fast and engaging, with the possibility of having them appear as an app in your homescreen. If any of this sounds attractive to you, you will be glad to hear of how simple it is to actually get it working. If it doesn’t… I dont’t think you got the idea just yet.

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A New Beginning

#jekyll #blog #ui #design

     It seems every so often I completely redesign my Jekyll page. This time it took more time than the usual, and I am not sure about the result. I suppose it’s better than before, but that is not saying much.

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#js #hexagons

    A hexagonal grid spiral/ring indexation model that stores each hexagon index in a simple array. Each index is automatically mapped to it`s position in the grid. The model consists of an abstraction that allows the use of efficient algorithms guided for this specific space orientation.

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