Using pipelines for good

#csharp #dotnet

     Pipelines are essential in optimizing production steps everywhere, but I find a lack of them in many of the places you should expect one, specially in the programming world.

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Compiling user input in C#


     It is not always wise to allow the user to have control of the code running in your application, but when you are the user things may be different. I have been in many situations where that would be desirable, specially when things like formatting are involved, where it may be much simpler to give access to native funcionality than to creating a parser.

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Simoom, the game

#simoom #gamedev #unity #3d

     It all started a few years ago, at the GDP Game Jam. Simmom, the game, took inspiration from many of the games and genres I love. An ambitious rougue-like shmup where you flee from the ultimate doom in the form of an apocalyptic sandstorm. The best one-liner would be: “an arabic roguelike shoot’em up whith an isometric camera named Simoom”. All in all, great success.

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