Side Projects

git diary logo

Git Diary

Simple project aimed at managing a git repository for diary/blog posts with an API

steganography presentation animation


My list of presentations made for the web.

hex snek game animation

Hex Snek

A simple snake game on top of an unihex hexagonal grid.

simoom game animation


An ambitious rougue-like shmup made with Unity3d where you flee from the ultimate doom in the form of an apocalyptic sandstorm.

reddit tree model generation animation

R(t,p) model

A model to generate reddit comment thread trees in graph structures.

pongo pong demonstration animation


It's a simple 3D pong game, still missing some pieces. It's made with the BabylonJS framework and some other bits. It does require an updated browser.

unihexgrid a* demonstration animation


A hexagonal grid spiral/ring indexation model that stores each hexagon index in a simple array. Each index is automatically mapped to its position in the grid.

wvc demonstration animation


A very simple voice converter that uses the Web Audio API to apply sound effects to an audio stream coming from your microphone.

inklan demonstration animation

inKlan v1 Collaborative web drawing powered by node.js and some other stuff.

eci 3d logo animation

WebGl Demos

A small collection of graphical demos that should run in your browser.